Sure! Here are three different nursing goals for patients in different scenarios:

  1. Goal for a patient who is endangered and a danger to others:
  • Ensure the safety of the patient and others by implementing appropriate measures to prevent harm.
  • Example: The patient will not engage in harmful behaviors towards themselves or others during their stay at the facility.
  1. Goal for a patient who is a danger to others:
  • Promote the safety of others by implementing strategies to minimize the risk of harm.
  • Example: The patient will demonstrate improved impulse control and utilize effective coping mechanisms to reduce the risk of aggressive behaviors towards others.
  1. Goal for a patient who has the ability to care for themselves:
  • Encourage and support the patient in maintaining their independence and ability to perform self-care activities.
  • Example: The patient will independently perform activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, and grooming, with minimal assistance from the nursing staff.

These goals should be documented in the patient’s nursing care plan along with specific interventions, expected outcomes, and a timeline for evaluation. It’s important to individualize the goals based on the patient’s unique needs and capabilities, and regularly reassess and modify the plan as necessary.


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